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Thanh’s Notes

Learning AWS Associate developer resources

·2 mins

Introduction #

My first challenge of 2021 is about learning AWS Associate Developer certificate. It’s more interesting than I thought. You will not only learn about the AWS products but also about some knowledge help you have a bigger view about application deployment and architecture. For example:

And here is the list of resources I use for learning, hope it’s useful for you too. :)

I. Materials #

Courses: #

Amazon: #

Registration for exam: #

II. How to learn #

1. Don’t waste your time of searching for material #

I follow the structure of the Udemy AWS course above and reading AWS Docs

From my experience, there is no best material. We can choose 1 course or book, let consider it as the base material, then follow it from the start to finish.

Along the way, we reference to other materials when the concepts in a base material are not clear enough, or you don’t understand it.

2. “Get your feet wet” #

Not just reading or listening, you should take notes, re-read the notes… It helps you recall the knowledge before taking the exam.

Build some funny ideas base on what you learnt, for example in my case, I try to build my blog and a static website on S3, also the Azure Static Web Apps.

3. Looking further #

When you learn Amazon, you should spend 5% of learning time (just a few) to reference to Microsoft/Google Cloud to see the equivalent services.