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Thanh’s Notes

Rails Application Templates

·1 min

How do you start a new Rails project? #

As the very first guide we do like this:

rails new blog -d postgresql

After that, you add some essentials gems and configuration, init Devise, add user controller…

  • Devise: for authentication.
  • Fiago: manage env variable.
  • Replace Minitest by RSpec.
  • etc…

And then a new project comes, will you do the same? I think the answer is NO right?

So as Rails philosophy: “DRY” and “Convention Over Configuration”.

Rails provided us a better way to create new projects, same command as above and also use -m argument.

rails new blog -d postgresql -m template.rb

The template.rb can be an URL. For example:


The template.rb will automate init new project for us.